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The goal of LED Summit is to deliver insightful material that will promote development and innovation in the Indian lighting industry. In the past, through a series of webinars featuring panellists from the manufacturing, design, and policy sides, LED Summit explored "what's next" for the lighting industry and challenges and opportunities impacting business. These partnerships included International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) and Women in Lighting.

Stay tuned for numerous such fringe programmes that can benefit your line of business.



Industry views

LED Expo has given new beginning to the lighting industry after COVID. People are eager to explore new innovations and what’s new in the industry through this exhibition. The visitor response has been enthusiastic and far beyond what we had previously expected. Overall, our experience was fantastic.

For a raw material supplier, the quality of crowd has been good and people are very much excited to come here. There are also several start-ups and emerging companies on the show floor, which is a really good sign for India and the industry. LED Expo has been successful in attracting businesses and the crowd at its venue once again

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Mr Rasheed Anwaar

Group Exhibition Head


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