Exhibitor and Products
14 – 16 November 2019 New Delhi, India More information

Exhibitors & products

Here you will find all the information about the product groups which will be at display and companies participating at the show. 

Product groups

  • High power LEDs
  • Liquid LEDs
  • OLEDs
  • Other LEDs
  • SMD LEDs
  • Architectural lighting
  • Automotive lighting
  • Building lighting
  • Casino & disco lighting
  • Commercial lighting
  • Decorative landscape & garden lighting
  • Exterior lighting
  • Floor lighting
  • Interior lighting
  • Office lighting
  • Residential LED lighting
  • Retail lighting
  • Special lighting
  • Stage lighting
  • Street lighting
  • Tunnel lighting
  • Underwater & fountain lighting
  • LED bollard lights
  • LED bulbs
  • LED ceiling lights
  • LED down lights
  • LED flat panels
  • LED floodlight
  • LED garden lights
  • LED lighting fixtures
  • LED spotlight
  • LED street light
  • LED tubes
  • LED underground lamp
  • LED underwater lights
  • LED wall washers
  • Solar LED lights
  • LED automotive lamps
  • LED backlights
  • LED bars
  • LED emergency lights
  • LED flashlights
  • LED focus lamps
  • LED headlamps
  • LED indicator lamps
  • LED modules
  • LED neon lights
  • LED reading lights
  • LED rope lights
  • LED solar lanterns
  • LED strips
  • LED traffic lights
  • LED forex / bank displays & signs
  • LED moving signs
  • LED production display signs
  • LED screens
  • LED signs & displays
  • LED video walls
  • Numeric & alphanumeric display
  • Circuit boards
  • Control system
  • Dimmers
  • DMX controllers
  • Heat sink
  • LED encapsulation material
  • LED wafer/chips
  • Lenses
  • PCB adhesive tapes
  • PCBs
  • Reflectors & diffusers
  • Wires & cables
  • Imaging devices, applied products
  • Inspection / measuring / repairing equipment
  • LED manufacturing equipment / devices
  • SMD mounting machines
  • Solid-state lighting / equipment
  • Drivers
  • Power supply
  • Smart Home Automation
  • IoT & Smart Controls 
  • Smart Lighting systems
  • Innovative lighting products / Smart Bulbs/ invertor bulbs 
  • Smart switches & Controls/ Dimmers/ Sensors/ Touch Panels/ i-devices wall switches 
  • IoT based Lighting (PoE, IoT, Li-Fi & Wi-Fi)
  • Home automation
  • HVAC & Entertainment
  • Smart Security Systems
  • Smart lighting ballasts 
  • Healthcare & Horticulture Lighting 
  • Artificial Intelligence (PIR Motion Sensor, Microwave Motion Sensors, Light Control Sensors, Wardrobe/Cabinet/Closet S, Led Sensor Lamp, Kinetic Switch / Wireless, Touch Modular Switch, Dc (12-24V) Motion Sensor, Microwave Dimming Sensor
  • Smart Charging Ports


Exhibitor list of LED Expo New Delhi 2019

Exhibiting companies  Booth no. Hall no.
Aarenza Die Cast Pvt.  Ltd. H05 3
Aarkay Associates N10 7
Aarni Inc. C85 1
Aastha LED Lights G80 3
Accord Power Conversion Pvt. ltd. R72 7
Acme Light C75 1
Adsun Lighting Pvt.Ltd. G20 3
Advanced Thermal Devices, lnc. G13 3
Aksh Lites J25 5
Aligarh Die Casting P60 7
A06 1
Amit India Name Plates Pvt. Ltd. F70 3
Anan Lighting Co., Ltd. G16 3
Angel Magnetics India Pvt. Ltd. F93 3
Antrix Automation P25 7
APT Electronics Pvt. Ltd. D02 1
APT Electronics Pvt. Ltd. D03 1
Arihant Lighting Solution E05 3
Arteluce (Alineled) A01 1
Asemi Electronic Co., Ltd. L64 5
Aster Industries N05 7
AVM Traders H24 3
Axiom Exim Pvt. Ltd. P35 7
Bansal Moulders (P) Ltd. N01 7
Bhagwati Lighting Industries S18 7
Bhagwati Lighting Industries S18 7
Bhairav Impex A20 1
Bharat Impex P01 7
BLG Electronics Ltd. H10 3
Blisstering Electronics Pvt. Ltd. N22 7
Bright Westech Solution Pvt. Ltd. G84 3
Calcom Vision Ltd. P27 7
Cazeiss Optics Co., Ltd. L95 5
Cenzer Industries Ltd. A13 1
Chaipertech Electronics Pvt. Ltd. C30 1
ChangFang Semiconductor Pvt. Ltd. G55 3
Changzhou Electronics Co., Ltd K65 5
Changzhou Yankee Reflector Co., Ltd. K17 5
Chetna Electronics Pvt. Ltd. H20 3
Chipmax Designs Pvt. Ltd. R32 7
Citizen  D10 1
Classic Testing & Research Centre A26 1
CLS International N18 7
Componix C70 / C80 1
Creazioni Dec Pvt. Ltd. P92 7
Creazioni Dec Pvt. Ltd. P92 7
Crescent Opto Pvt. Ltd. P10 / P20 7
Crom India  G75 3
Crystal Impex B96 1
CYG Wayon Circuit protection Co., Ltd. G50 3
Cygnus Lighting B70 1
D. S. Electronics  F55 3
Dalin Electronic (Hk) Ltd. K80 5
Day Light E09 3
DL Enterprises C91 1
DNA Industries D18 1
Dongguan Qiaoguang Electronics Co., Ltd.  L25 5
Dongguan Songpuda Power Supply Co., Ltd. K21 5
Easylux R10 & 11 7
Ecoearth Electric Pvt.Ltd. R17 7
Electroloy India Pvt. Ltd. H09 3
Electrolube R55 7
Elteck India J22 5
Embuilt Technology A15 1
EMST Marketing Pvt. Ltd.  R80 7
Eternity Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd. S01 7
Excel Greentech Pvt. Ltd. P50 / P64 7
Exotherm Instruments Pvt. Ltd. A17 1
Forstar (Guangdong) Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. K26 5
Forus Electric Pvt. Ltd. H17 3
Foshan Nanhai Zhengliang Optical Technology Co., Ltd K02 5
Foshan Nationstar Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. C60 1
Foshan Ojun Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. L21 5
Fulham  India Pvt.  Ltd. B30 1
Future Light F91 3
Ganit Star Engineering D05 1
Glacialtech Inc. G11 3
Glow Green Energy Ltd. F35 3
Green Inova Lighting Technology Shenzhen Ltd. L27 5
GSR Infocom B65 1
GT Magnetics C03 1
Guangdong Huixin Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. J10 5
Guangdong LEI PIN Lighitng Technology Co., Ltd. K10 5
Guangdong Mingshi Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. J07 5
Guangzhou Dasen Lighting Corporation Ltd. L71 5
Guangzhou Youmi Trading Co., Ltd. L77 5
Guorui Group Co., Ltd. K67 5
Haining  Lingtong Magnetic Industry Technology Co., Ltd. L81 5
Hamming Technology Pvt. Ltd. P82 7
Hangzhou Baoming Optical M07 5
Hangzhou Eboylamp Electronics Co., Ltd. L73 5
Hans Enterprises R75 7
Hiya Enterprises K77 5
HK Believe Lighting Co., Ltd K66 5
HK Diecasting P93 7
Hong Kong Resistors Manufactory  J10 5
Hottech Semiconductor Technology (Hk) Co., Ltd. K50 5
Howell Energy Co., Ltd. K40 5
Hubei Bwin Technology Co., Ltd. K42 5
Hyance Electric Pvt. Ltd. B93 1
I-lluminate Technology Ltd. K86 5
Imade Lighting F14 3
Inch Industries E06 3
Indo Bling India G44 3
Inglow Electric Co. A22 1
Innovo Lites F65 3
Inventronics SSL India Pvt. Ltd. F77 3
Jainsons Lights Pvt. Ltd. C95 1
Jar Light Pvt Ltd R12 7
Jar Lights India R12 7
Jay polymer N06 7
Jiangmen City Feidong Lighting Co., Ltd M10 5
JiangMen City Jianghai District XinFa lighting source accessories factory J06 5
Jiangmen Contiune Lighting Co., Ltd. L70 5
Jiangmen Yanyang Trading Co., Ltd. C40 1
Jiaxing Huiho Metal Co., Ltd. K16 5
Jilin Sino-Microelectronics Co., Ltd. K45 5
JSK Innovative Technology Pvt. Ltd. H01 1
Juki India Pvt. Ltd. R50 7
Kallani Autocast Pvt. Ltd. B80 1
Khatod  E15 3
Kind Bird Light P33 7
King Watt Opto-Electronics (Hk) Co., Ltd. J20 5
Kopu LED Driver R90 7
Koyaa Optical F15 3
Krishna LED Light-Semiconductors K76 5
Krishna Led Light-Semiconductors K78 5
Krsnalite D24 / E17 / E18 / E19 / G65 1
Kundan Switchgears  B01 1
Lafit Lighting B87 1
Lamda Components Pvt. Ltd. S07 7
Lasertech & Apple Electronic D26 1
LED Fixtures (Indian Automated Die Casting Co. P Ltd.) B40 1
Led Star Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. L02 5
Ledfy (SEK Electronics Pvt. Ltd.) N09 7
Ledil E01 3
LEDLink Optics Inc.  G10 3
Ledos Lighting  G77 3
Leejo Lighting R60 7
Lemonlite H02  3
Light Berry Innovative Ideas Pvt. Ltd. G70  3
Lightech Industries A13 1
Lighten Corporation F11 3
Lighting 123 (Hk) Ltd. K84 5
Lighting Engineers H16 3
Lighting Technology Ltd. K82 5
Lightmart D20 1
Lisun Instruments Ltd. L45 5
Litex (Shivam Trading Co) P80 7
Litex (Shivam Trading Company) P80 7
Lord Krishna Pad Printing N03 7
Luckin Club Pvt. Ltd. (LOKTA) S05 7
Lumens Technologies Pvt. Ltd. F20 3
Lumens Technologies Pvt. Ltd. F40 3
Luminogloz  Solutions Pvt. Ltd. S26 7
Lumisense Optoelectronics Pvt. Ltd. P40 7
M.K. Electronics N24 7
Maxic Technology Corporation G60 3
MeciaTechnology India Pvt. Ltd. G57 3
Meiao Mumbai Sales And Services N20 7
Millennium Semiconductor C20 1
MLS India Pvt. Ltd. B50 1
MR Technology N08 7
MSD Wires Solutions N26 7
MSM Enterprsies (Lacaz) K71 5
MSM Enterprsies (Lacaz) K71 5
M-Tech Equipments S20 7
Murli Lights B60 1
MV Enterprises( Powered By SAH Extrusion Machinery) P30 7
Narayana Lumens India F75 3
Naxin Photoelectric Ltd. K83 5
Nessa Illumination Technologies Pvt. Ltd. H22 3
Nextray Technologies C87 1
Nicolaudie Group D01 1
Ningbo Ducheng Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. M01 5
Ningbo Ouxuan Lighting Electric Co., Ltd L75 5
Noble electrical B35 1
Obolee Lighting  K55 5
Occass Industries A25 1
A11 1
Optiks Mechatronics Pvt. Ltd. E20 3
Orion LED (Goldwin) D06 1
Overdrive Electronics Pvt. Ltd. P25 7
Perry Impex (Longline) R02 7
Picasso Lighting & Luminaries D22 1
Polar Lights Hk Co., Ltd. K87 5
Power Connect India H19 3
Power Integrations India Pvt. Ltd. F30 3
Power Palazzo Pvt. Ltd. F05 3
Precision Component & Engineer E24 2
Prushti Electronics P70 7
Pulsar Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. D14 1
Rabyte Electronics / Edision Opto B20 1
Rabyte Electronics / Osram Opt Semiconductor B10 1
Ramdev Lighting LLP B55 1
Rayconn Electronics Co., Ltd J15 5
Regency Semiconductors Pvt. Ltd. F96 3
Rich Brand Industries Ltd. L95 5
Rsquare SMD Solution G93 / R01 / R91 3
S S Electronics  F80 3
Savera Enterprises R82 7
Sawariya Paper Pvt. Ltd. R42 7
SDD Enterprises R40 7
Semiconics C55 / C65 1
Semitech Opto Solutions Pvt. Ltd. B45 1
Senpu Electronic Technology (India) LLP G40 3
SH LED Technology Co., Ltd. G17 3
Shenzhen CPET Electronics Co., Ltd. M08 5
Shenzhen Huarongkeyuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd L12 5
Shenzhen Jiaji Acrylic Products Co., Ltd.  L26 5
Shenzhen Kimred Tech Co., Ltd M09 5
Shenzhen Leadfly Technology Co., Ltd L15 5
Shenzhen Light  Join Technology Co., Ltd. L13 5
Shenzhen Massled Industrial Co., Ltd. L14 5
Shenzhen Refond Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. G35 3
Shenzhen Runlite Technology Co., Ltd. C50 1
Shenzhen Sisemiconductors Co., Ltd. F60 3
Shenzhen Soer Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. K22 5
Shenzhen Yaorong Technology Co., Ltd M26 5
Shenzhen Zhurui Industrial Co., Ltd. L65 5
Shree Siddhi Vinayak C94 1
Sichuan Lippxin Microelectronics Co., Ltd. L60 5
Siddhi Lighting B95 1
Sir's Polo Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. N17 7
Smooth Power Pvt. Ltd. H14 3
Soaring Illumination Pvt. Ltd. K77 5
SP Prime Impex G01 3
Spanco Semiconductors B84 1
SR Electro C10 1
Sri JSB Lighting Company A03 1
Sribir Led Pvt. Ltd. G91 / G92 / H26 3
SS Light Innovation P91 7
Star Electonics G30 3
Sterling Components India Pvt. Ltd. S10 7
Sterling Sign  F10 3
String Impex P45 7
Summit Metallic F12 3
Supreme Circuts N15 7
Supreme Engineers G95 3
Swingtel Communications Pvt. Ltd. F45 3
Synergy Wave System Llp  E10 3
Taara Intercontinental India Pvt. Ltd. P56 7
Takiar Overseas ( P) Ltd. G32 3
Taurus Opto Semiconductors LLP P96 7
Technovision  B77 1
Tej Auto  G25 3
Tektronics F50 3
Tianchang Tiantai LED Science & Technology Co., Ltd.  K11 5
Transform Electrical Industries P76 7
Trimax Devices B91 1
True Solution  F67 3
TUV Rheinland (India) Pvt. Ltd. C01 1
Tuya Smart (India) Pvt. Ltd. R20 7
Udit Electronics  R30 7
Unicor Innovations Pvt. Ltd. E26 3
Uniglo LED Lights E25 3
Unisonic Technologies  G12 3
V-Brite Electro Systems (India) Pvt.Ltd. H15 3
V. Sales  And  Marketing N25 7
Vensen Lighting Pvt. Ltd. J23 5
Vistas Electricals LLP B75 1
Volga innovation F01 3
VOW LED Pvt. Ltd. D15 1
Wo Link Lighting Ltd. R35 7
Xcellent  Lite
K70 5
Xin Qi Aluminum Co., Ltd M02 5
Xinying Technology Ltd. J17 5
XJS Electronics Pvt. Ltd. R45 7
Xuancai Technology Co., Ltd. K68 5
Xuchang Industry Co., Ltd. J21 5
Xuyu Optoelectronics(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. K91 5
Yingyao TechnologYingyao Technology Co., Ltd J18 5
Yunay Extrusion  D17 1
Yuyao Four Star Lamps Co., Ltd. L16 5
Zeal Tech  S02 / S03 7
Zgsm (Hk) Ltd.  K81 5
Zhejiang Chenfeng Science and Techonology Co., Ltd. L54 5
Zhongshan Airi Lighting Technology Co., Ltd L24 5
Zhongshan Aixuan Lighting Technology Co., Ltd L17 5
Zhongshan Blue & Green Flood Light Co., Ltd. L93 5
Zhongshan Boshun Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd. L11 5
Zhongshan Chiming Lighting Co., Ltd. K23 5
Zhongshan Chuanlang  Lighting Co., Ltd K95 5
Zhongshan City Keyue Lighting Co., Ltd. L82 5
Zhongshan Constant Lighting Co., Ltd L32 5
Zhongshan Deaobao Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. L76 5
Zhongshan Gt Lighting Co., Ltd. J02 5
Zhongshan Guangdao Culture Media Co., Ltd. K31 5
Zhongshan Hitechdriver Lighting Appliances Co., Ltd. L86 5
Zhongshan Leelo Lighting Co., Ltd. K30 5
Zhongshan Liangyuan Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. L10 5
Zhongshan Lumaleds Technology Co., Ltd. M25 5
Zhongshan Lumio Lighting Co., Ltd K24 5
Zhongshan Luobosi Lighting Co., Ltd. M06 5
Zhongshan Puwo Lighting Co., Ltd. L92 5
Zhongshan Qianyiyuan Lighting Co., Ltd. L22 5
Zhongshan Ruisheng Electronic Technology  K78 5
Zhongshan Saqiang Import And Export Trading Co., Ltd. M24 5
Zhongshan Shengda Lighting Electrical Factory M04 5
Zhongshan Sunhao Lighting K32 5
Zhongshan Sunrise Industrial Co., Ltd. J01 5
Zhongshan Xiongna Hardware Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. J09 5
Zhongshan Zhongying Lighting Industry Ltd L23 5
ZI Lite Indutries ( Red Card ) R15 7
Znshine (Hongkong) Investment Ltd K85 5

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